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Application of Heavy-Duty Connectors on Industrial Robotic Arm

Sep 06,2022
Connectivity Solution Provider- Beisit Electric

Application of Heavy-Duty Connectors on Industrial Robotic Arms



This article will briefly introduce the industrial robotic arms and BEISIT  heavy-duty connector solutions, keep reading!

Nowday with the continuous development of science and technology, industrial automation is becoming a trend for the coming era of industry generation 4.0,So the accuracy and applicability are highly required in today’s automation factory.

But the issue remain to resolve on the connectivity solution is how to reach the fast, stable and precise connection between robotic arms and equipment. so in this sense , we need to notice the importance of connectors that can be our useful helper to resolve this problem, thus we need to choose the right connector to efficiently support the heavy production work. obviously the traditional industry connectors can not be able to meet our needs , that’s why we have to choose the heavy duty connectors for overcoming this issue.

Introduce Industrial Robotic Arms

The robotic arm is an automatic control device that can be applied in automation production line to complete various tasks by imitating functions of human beings, The robotic arms can perform specific task quickly , orecisely and effectively. therefore , they are widely used in high precise industrial production, manufactureing , and assembly sectors. Here are five major types of industrial robotic arms that we can find in the market:

 ◆Cartesian robot arms

The cartesian robot arm is also  commonly called as Gantry Robot Arm. this industrial robotic arm can achieve linear motion  in three-dimensional space by moving three vertical axes (x,y and z)  , which has three mobile joints . In addition, this robotic arm has an extra wrist joint for rotational motion. with all these joints’s movement, this special robotic arm can satisfy the demand of automation factory to the high positional accuracy, and can be utulized in different industry applications, such as automatic packing line and assembly line.

◆SCARA robot arms

SCARA short by Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm can rotate in the X,Y,and Z planes, The SCARA features its cylindrtical housing with two parallel joints, besides, the SCARA robot arms can work in a high speed,which is mainly deployed for assembly applications due to its specialization in lateral movement.

◆Articulated robot arms

An articulated robot arm is a robot with rotary joints. Articulated robots can be used for a wide variety of robotic applications. They are also known as a jointed-arm robots. The articulated robot arm has a trunk, shoulder, upper arm, forearm, and wrist.

 Generally Articulated robots arm can range from simple two-jointed structures to systems with 10 or more interacting joints and materials, each joint can work independently to make sure the flexiblity of motion range . Thanks to the accuracy and flexibilty of articulated robotic arms ,they  are suitable for application of variety of tasks , including arc welding, food packing and automotive parts assembly .

◆Parallel/Delta robot arms

A delta robot is a type of parallel robot that consists of three arms connected to universal joints at the base. The key design feature is the use of parallelograms in the arms, which maintains the orientation of the end effector.  Delta robot arms are popular in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries due to their lightweight arms.

◆Cylindrical robot arms

In general , cylindrical robot arm has two joints, one rotary joint attached to the base and one prismatic joint . but this cyliondrical robot can perfomr both rotation and linear motion by forming a cylindrical coordinate system,  which is unlike th cartesina robotic arms. the cylindrical robotic arms are suitable for simple applications , including logistic , placing and transporting.

BEISIT Heavy Duty Connectors are designed to meet the requirements of harsh environmental conditions. our heavy duty connectors are mainly utilized in factory robotic arm for efficient production, including automatic manufacuring, automatic assembly line , and packaging line.

BEISIT provides a complete connector solution for the industrial robotic arms that can easily meet various connection and space requirements. Below are two of the products:

  1. HA series crimp termination connectors

  2. HEE series  crimp termination connector for high voltage power transmission 


rectanglur heavy duty connectors

BEISIT Heavy-duty Connector Solutions can fulfill the following requirements:

●Robustness: Our products are made of cast aluminum or flame retardant thermoplastic materials and be powder-coated to withstand impact and mechanical pressure.

Safety: All the BEISIT Connectors are certified by RoHs, CE, CSA, and UL Concerning Quality requirements.

Suitability: Our products are perfectly adapted to the size of the robotic arms.

Simpleness: Our products are easy to set up and save installation time.

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