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Circular Connectors

Circular Connectors


A circular connector is a cylindrical, multi-pin electrical connector that transmit data, or  electrical signals for electrical power device. it consists of housing, insert and contact.

BEISIT M12 series of circular connectors increase your option in numerous industries and areas of applications in electrical automation, railway, control systems, and many others for purpose of high power and signal transfer in sensors (current up to 16A). We offer various connectors orientation in mounting including front, rear, and square-flange. The cable version comes with field cabling, pre-assembled, pre-molded with designated cable length upon the customers' specifications. At present we released A-Coding, B-Coding,D-Coding,X-Coding, L-Coding,S-coding,T-Coding in standard configurations, rear fastened and Rear Mounting optional. All codings are thread coupled.

Beisit Circular Connector Solution

M12 circular connectors are most widely used in industry automation for a reliable transmission of data , signal and power. Beisit provide with our self-developped M12 circular connectors series for satisfying the needs of different automation application. our M12 circular connectors are offered mainly with the following three categories as per specific need of working condition:

◆M12 circular connector soldering cup version in female and male 

◆circular connector pigtail version in male and female

◆Cable assemble 

our M12 series feature compact design for matching your need to the limited installation room on real production site. as we fully put the harsh operaton circumstance of industry automation production line into consideration, our new developed circular connectors are outstanding in antivibration for guaranting the stable data and signal delivery in the whole production processes. 

Product features:

Compatible with similar products of main international brands, according to IEC 61076-2

◆A variety of materials are available for the housing, which can meet the needs of different application scenarios.

◆The surface of the high-quality copper alloy conductor is gold-plated, which improves the corrosion resistance of the contacts and also 

◆meets the needs of high-frequency insertion and removal.

◆Provide customers with customized products for special applications and individual needs.

Available connection methods:

  1. crimping connection

  2. soldering connection

mounting methods

Application Areas

factory automation

In our fast growing automation production world, the M12  circular connectors are the first utilized for signal transfer of sensor especially in automotive production plant, now the M12 circular connectors have become the leader in automation production area , thanks to its excellent ability in enduring stressful and fast paced production environment,  and protecting against the dust and vibration under harsh industry operaton condition. their presence in automation production effectively maximized the factory productivity. and save the labour force cost for an extensive service life and also reduce the manual operation errors for avoiding the production damage  from handy operation error.

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