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EMC  Cable Glands

EMC Cable Glands


EMC shorted by electromagnetic control, are those cable glands designed against the electromagnetic interference due to the shielding spring o  shielding ring inserted, with which they can provide superior and consistent EMC performance and are suitable for the EV industry where area the electromagnetic interference exists. our EMC glands have a working temperature range of -40℃ up to 125℃ with  IP rating 68/69K.

With 360 earth contact around cable braid circumference, our EMC series can be utilized with trustability where an earth connection is required.

In addition, our EMC series meet also the requirements of international well-known cable gland standards EN 62444 and IEC 62444.

The advantages of Beisit EMC glands

High screening attenuation values give your system reliable EMC screening

High current-carrying capacity for reliable discharge on enclosure

■Reliable 360° cable shield contact

Suitable for a broad range of temperatures

Time- and cost-saving installation  

EMC cable glands almost cover every application, including also yours

EMC cable glands play an important role without any limitation. That's why we designed EMC  series for each true application. but when comes to the emc cable glands application, there will be always two decisive factors that you need to know :

■attenuation value 

■current-carrying capacity

Screening attenuation

Outstanding attenuation values are needed in the place where interference signals caused from electromagnetic coupling may stop the transmission of sensitive data ,so such data must be protected, for example . inthe fields of  measurement and radar technology.and telecommunications

The electrical shielding effect of EMC cable glands is essentially determined by the following properties:

  • ◆Conductivity of the material surfaces

  • ◆Transitional impedance between cable shield and/or contact element 

  • ◆Transitional impedance between contact element and/or cable gland body

Current Carrying Capacity

The high current carrying capacity is always required when the high current levels flow through the shielding briad of  the armourd cable  to make sure the high current can be discharged at the machine enclosure. The cable glands with insufficient current carrying capacity will easily cause the overheat  and become damaged, once the cable glands overheated , they will not ensure the screening effect any more ,   especially in the high voltage working fielding, including  e-mobility, the current carrying capacity is extremely important to guarantee the effect of screening effect, so today with our  Beisit offered EMC glands , which have been developped especially for electric vehicle industry, so you will be always away from this issue .

Application Area

■Electric mobility

■Railway Industry

■Automation and Robotic


■Electrical Industry

Technical Data

Material:Nickle Plated Brass

■Temperature range:-40~125℃

■Type of protection: IP 68 (up to 15 bar) and IP 69

■Thread: metric ,Pg and NPT

■Connection sizes: metric from M12 to M85 and Pg 7 up to Pg 48 and NPT 1/4'' up to NPT 2''

Examples of Use

Automation robotic

Nowdays ,the automation production lines are widely implemented  all over the world for fastly boosting up the prodcutivity and effectively saving  the labour cost.  the automation production processes highly rely on the electronic devices , thus the automation production line are becoming more and more sensitive to the electromagnetic interference, as the increasing use of electronic components in the automation lines,  which means the EMC shielding is palying an very important role in protecting from the electromagnetic interference for guaranting the safe and stabile operation of automation line . If the electromagnetic distrub happens, the damage to the production will be incalculable , as the electromagnetic interference will shortly stop the normal running of production line. our EMC  cable glands will be an ideal for your automation project , they can help to reliably discharge the electromagnetic interference from the enclosure of equipment and keep the disturb away from the whole production process.

Railway Industry


 In railway vehicle , the cable glands have a completed range of sophisticated properties,including fire protection, tightness, vibration resistance and also robust mechanical property. (from stone impact) and also weather resistance. furthermore the most important  factor is a reliable EMC screen attenuation for certain application, in this case our BEISIT EMC Metal Gland with shielding cones can effectively help you out from the concerns of the above mentioned factors . our EMC Metal Glands with shielding cones can be used in rail traction motors in the driven rotary points in the underfloor area, thanks to its robust mechanical property and excellent screen attenuation performance.

EMC Solutions

To ensure you are equipped to handle all conceivable EMC-related tasks, BEISIT offers you a perfectly coordinated range of EMC cable glands that is second to none. Our EMC products lines are mainly divided into two categories based on the screening methods , which are shielding cones type and shielding spring type.  What they all have in common are basic properties such as tightness, strain relief and time- and cost-saving installation and also highlight performance in screening attenuation– and of course the proven BEISIT quality. The complete range includes products for universal applications, including automation and robotic application , railway application and shielding spring type especially for the electric mobility sector.

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