Explosion Proof Cable Glands For Hazardous Area

Explosion Proof Cable Glands For Hazardous Area

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Explosion Proof Cable Glands For Hazardous Area

Explosion Proof Cable Glands For Hazardous Area


BEISIT manufacture ATEX marking cable glands for the termination of cables in hazardous areas Zone 1 and Zone 2 in potentially explosive  atmospheres-as manufacturer we can provide you competive price for explosion proof cable glands for an extensive range to our global customers. Our ex proof cable glands are mainly divided into two categories ,including  exe ex proof glands and exd barrier cable glands for metric and npt thread.

The BEISIT manufactured ex cable reduced installation time, cost and risk for termination of all wire armoured or braided cables installed in explosive atmospheres or hazardous areas where ATEX cable glands are required for the following cable termination applications: Wire Braid (GSWB, TCWB), Steel Tape Armour (STA, DSTA), Aluminium Strip Armour (ASA), Single Wire Armour (SWA), Aluminium Wire Armour (AWA) and Pliable Wire Armour (PWA).

Hazardous Group Classification

■group II

■group III

Hazardous Area Definition

A hazardous area is one in which there is a potential risk of explosion due to the explosive gases, vapours, mists or dust or a combination, during the operation of a plant or process, such as petrochemical plants, offshore oil rigs, fuel filling stations, timber mills, coal mines, flour mills, paint spray booths, sewerage treatment plants,  explosive warehouse etc. Special consideration must be taken into the design, manufacture, installation and use of equipment in such hazardous areas.

The relative standards referred to:

• IEC 60079-14
• EN 60079-14
• AS/NZS 60079-14
• SANS 60079-14

An explosion occures under the following three elements,pls refer to the illustrative chart

In order to avoid the explosion , one of the above mentioned elements must be controlled or removed, these including:

◆Reducing the number of flammable gases or dust

preventing the formation of explosive atmosphere(remove air or oxsigen)

avoiding the fire source


In the case that explosion already occured , then measures must be taken to control explosion migration outside to cause damage of life or property.

These measures are:

◆Contain the explosion.

Isolate the explosion away from property and personnel.

Suppress the explosion actively or passively.

Vent or relieve the explosion.

GASZone 0
Areas where flommable and explosive gases persist or exist for a long time (such as more than l,00 hours per year).
Zone 1Areas where flammable and explosive gases exist during normal operation (such as 10-1000 hours per year).
Zone 2Areas where flammable and explosive gases usuolly do not exist during normal operotion, but if there are, they only exist for a short time
Zone 20Areas where explosive dust or a mixture of combustible fibers and air persists or exists for a long time.
Zone 21Areas where explosive dust or a mixture of combustible fibers and air may occur.
Zone 22Areas where Explosive dust orcombustible fibers combined with airare unlikely to appear, and even if it appears, it is occosional or

Equipment protection level

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