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Heavy Duty Connectors

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Heavy Duty Connectors

Heavy Duty Connectors


Heavy duty connectors(HDC) were born around 1950, also known as Rectangular Connectors, it is designed to transmit power, data and signal in the toughest of conditions.HDC widely used in machinery,rail transit, industrial automation, wind power and electrical power etc. Beisit heavy-duty connectors are designed according to the standards DIN EN 60 664 / IEC 61 984 electrical safety specifications for fast and reliable connection, the international advanced structural design and high quality material used makes the connector outstanding in mechanical property. It provides pre-installation of complex electrocircuit, improving equipment installation efficiency and reducing wiring Error rate.

Our product range covers almost all applications , provide with different hoods and housing types , such as metal and plastic hoods& housings of HA and HB series, different cable directions,bulkhead mounted and surface mounted  housings for harsh industry conditions.

With Beisit you can choose  HA series for general current 10A, HE series for general current 16A, HK series for high and low current mixed, HQ for motor /power supply. In addition our pin range is available from 1 to 400 , Rated voltage is from 25v to 5000v, rated current range is from 5A to 350A . the connection types are available in crimping and field assembly wiring.

Why choose our  heavy duty connector:

◆Faciliate the equipment installation ◆Pre-installation of components  on

 production facility efficiently  shorten the  construction period 

◆Faster removal and re-installation of equipment in the event of failure , enable rapid replacement and repair to equipment and production cells 

◆Improve the safety and easy operation of machine and facility for untrained workers

◆Stable power transmission for ensuring a safe and efficient production

How is built up 

heavy duty connector construction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Heavy Duty connector (HDC)?

An HDC connector is a rectangular, robust industrial connector designed to transmit power, data and signal in the harsh environment applications.

What are the appropriate applications for HDC connectors?

Typical applications include robotics, automation, machinery, rail and power applications where the heavy and precise transmission of power and signal is most required.


What products does the HDC portfolio consist of?

The HDC portfolio consists of:

Hoods, housings and bases: available in different protection degrees IP65, IP67, IP68 and IP69k

Contact systems: ranging from 5A to 650A in screw, crimp and cage clamp termination

Inserts: available in up to 216 pins in one connector for crimp, screw termination or cage clamp

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