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Industrial Waterproof Cable Glands

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 Industrial Waterproof Cable Glands

Industrial Waterproof Cable Glands


Our IP68/69K industrial waterproof  cable glands and fittings are designed with excellent strain relief to cable and have great function of waterproof ,which makes sure the good performance in resistance to moistured working environment for a constantly stable utility with reliability.  They can be applied into the electrical installation for the general purpose of cable enclosure in industrial automation, and offshore wind and solar projects for satisfying the needs against the harsh condition.

Beisit high quality waterproof  cable glands are mainly made in material of plastic(nylon polyiamid), and metal,including nickle plated brass and stainless steel, they are UL certified based on UL 514B STANDARD and are VDE appreciated according to DIN EN 62444:2014-05.

the Plastic cable glands are in PA nylon, combined with the individual EPDM sealing insert will be ideal option for outdoor  lighting and solar power application, due to the material advantage of weather resistance, antioxidation and UV resistance.

Why are cable glands important for electrical installation

The electrical installation usually happen in harsh and hazardous areas where sealing and ingression protection is needed, where the cable glands work as a device for terminating cables, So they play an important role for electrical equipment and switch gears to provide a safe and sealing connection. and protect from dust and water , which can effectively extend  cable 's service time. and save the equipment maintenance cost.

Purpose of Using Cable Glands:

Cable gland as a mechanical component, they are also a part of electrical installation with the purpose of enhancing the attachments of cables with the electrical equipment to which the cable is attached, They can protect:

  • The entrance out of equipment free from dust

  • Cables from being twisited at the connecting point to equipment

  • from moisture that damage the equipment and cause the short circuit

So these cable glands are essential for industrial electrical enclosure to ensure long service life of equipment and cables.

Application Cases:

  • automation equipment 

which to provide a secured enclosure and resistance to vibration in harsh working condition. and guarantee the normal operation of automatic equipment for an efficient productivity.   



  • electrical control system

provide a strain relief  function to meet the need of frequent moviment in site.and also have a well fixed connection to the cable entry of equipment to guarantee a stable power delivery. our electrical cable glands have a good mecchanical property , as the high quality brass selected for the cable glands, which can easily handle the harsh operation condition in the electrical site. Our brass made cable glands are spray tested and waterproof tested under the pressure of 15 bar for resist against the weathered environment.

  • bending protected cable gland  

The bending protectd cable glands are usually used in the electric equipment where the frequent moviment is required , this spiral bending protect spring can reduce bending loads and the risk of cable core break, which ensure the permanent protection of flexible cable to enter into the enclosure , and extend the cable 's  service life . 

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