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Quick Coupling

Quick Coupling


Fluid connectors also known as the name "coupling" are widely used to mate fluid lines with equipment that requires frequent connection and disconnection, these fluid connectors are divided into water cooling type, hydraulic type and air compressed type, according to the different applications, they can effectively improve the productivity, save the production cost. are mostly utilized in pneumatic, railway transit, and mold injection application. Are specially designed for easy hand operation for use with fitting attachments on mobile machinery. due to their simple structure design (a male end is inserted into a female end to make a secure and leak free seal . 

Beisit mainly offers these four types of fluid connectors, which are bayonet type fluid connector, push-pull fluid connector, blind insertion type, and self locking  type. all the above types are UL and CE certified at the protection class IP 68.  

Detailed Application Cases in Vehicle Production Plant:

Engine Leakage Test

The importance of cylinder leakage test before assembly

the quick coulings are widely used also in cylinder leakage test as a crucial component to deliver the compressed air faster and effectively, which can ensure the final sealing effect and allow the engine's performance as intended. if the engine have issue of leakage , that will cause the safety problem to the customer and also have warranty claims, which lead to the increase of repair cost.

Coolant  Filling

The quick coupling can realize  the fast disconnection and connecton without complicated operaton,

which eliminates the need to close valves, purge for trapped gases or bleed the system and

ensure the fast delivery of coolant that will help to decrease the time spent out of production, to effectively boost up your coolant filling efficiency.

Pnuemoelectric Connection


compressed air supply

mobile pnuematic tool for compressed air supply

Compressed air pipe network building up

The benefit of quick fluid coupling in compressed air pipe network 

Quick fluid coupling is playing an important role in the compressed air pipe network. It can effectively improve the efficiency of compressed air delivery ,and  save your cost of energy and equipment maintenance. which will guarantee your maxium manufacturing productivity. 

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