Waterproof And Breathable Cable Glands

Waterproof And Breathable Cable Glands

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Waterproof And Breathable Cable Glands

Waterproof And Breathable Cable Glands


Beisit ventilation glands combine the advantages of cable glands and ventilation plugs in one product. this allows balancing pressure between internal side and external side of  enclosure and the external environment, and such compensation is  obtained by means of a semi-permeable membrane which allow passage of airflow. while preventing the entrance of dust and liquid

our ventilation glands are available in both nylon and metal, the nylon waterproof and breathable glands can combine a variety of special-shaped seals, can meet the requirement of various industries, while the waterproof and breathable metal glands are durable,  compared with nylon glands .show great function of chemical resistance, corrosion resistance in extreme working conditions. these waterproof and ventilation series are mainly used in wind power, automotive and outdoor lighting. can easily handle the extreme environment where rains meet sunlight


Beisit new developped VentPLUG pressure equalisation units

The ventplug is normally used when our cable glands are with the requirement of ventilation to enclosure in harsh climate environment.

Our pressure equalisation plugs are available in thread M5, M12,M24, M40 in material of metal and nylon. Thanks to our improved membrane, the air flow rate of our Ventplug in the sizes M24, M40 have even doubled. which effectively ensure the pressure balance of inside and outside box, to avoid the formation of condensation inside box.

What we can bring to you with our Venting series

BEISIT venting products are made of highest quality  material and made for demanding conditions . Our Venting products offer:

1.Effecitive pressure equalisation

2.Protection against condensation

3. Wide product range 

4.Increased profitability

5.Ideal for roughest conditions

Our broad range of products  provide with the venting solution for various applications. can be widely used in outdoor working environment , including railway, NEV, Solar power farm, wind power farm, outdoor lighting,etc. our thread size cover  M12 to M75  with different materials available such as polyamide, brass and stainless steel.With their high protection class of IP67 ,our venting products appear to be multihelper. In addition , they have also a specific membranes with diffirent air flow rates and robust properties againt the harsh outdoor working condition, such as resistance to UV, salt corrosion and other chemical substance. 

Breathable cable glands that work against the formation of condensation

Electrical installations and moisture do not go well together. They lead to power failures in electrical casings, sensors and electrical devices. The danger of short circuits – and thus electrical breakdowns, shortages and disruption of operation – increases wherever there is water. In order to find a solution to this problem, it is necessary to understand how condensation forms.

How does condensation form?

Pressure, temperature and air moisture are constantly changing. Even electrical installations, which must be secured in sealed casings in order to be protected against moisture, are subject to the formation of condensation. The reason: Whether caused by climate or operational conditions, fast fluctuations in temperatures create a disparity in pressure between the inside and outside of the casing. This happens when there is rain, wave impact or entry to a tunnel. Because of the vacuum inside the casing, moist air from outside is sucked in, i.e. through the casing’s seal. Inside the casing, the moist air condenses and causes corrosion or a short circuit.

How does condensation enter box

How does pressure equalisation work

How does pressure equalisation work?

By using our breathable cable gland and ventplug , the inside pressure will be automatically adjusted according to the surrounding ,which make sure the both inside and outside pressure stay in balance ,

Why choose vent?

As the outdoor usage of box , the enclosures are tightly sealed in outdoor environment. which may lead to formation of condensation as well as the damage to the seal that may result into the penetration of moisture and dirt.

Breathable venting products from BEISIT guarantee effective pressure equalistion between inside and outside box. this will effectively reduce stress on the seal and maintains the encosure's protection classes. So our venting products will help to increase operational safety and extend the service life of electrical equipment. which will decrease the maintenance costs for your project.

effect comparation between enclosure with venting and without venting cable glands

Installation Guide

For thin plate installation,you are advised to refer to the recommended hole dimensions in the product design drawing. The installation method is as follows: 

①、Unscrew the locknut,and place it inside the cabinet.Body and other parts are placed outside the cabinet.(Figure 1)

②、Insert the entry thread into the mounting hole,and tighten the body with a wrench in clockwise direction.(Figure 2)  

③、Route the cable in the direction of the sealing nut into the axis of the housing(Refer to the arrow marked on the cable).(Figure 3) 

 ④、Tighten the sealing nut to clamp the cable firmly in clockwise direction. (Figure 4)

For in housing with threads installation,the recommended thread chaamfer size is 0.5mm~1.0mm. Installation procedures are as follows: 

①、Use the standard thread on the botton of the body to align the threaded hole and tighten the body in clockwise direction.(Figures 5 and 6) 

②、Route the cable in the direction of the sealing nut into the axis of the housing(Refer to the arrow marked on the cable).(Figure 7) 

③、Tighten the sealing nut to clamp the cable firmly in clockwise direction.(Figure 8)

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