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What does the coding mean on M12 circular connector

Jul 11,2022
Connectivity Solution Provider- Beisit Electric

Maybe you are still wondering how to choose the correct coding of M12 circuclar connector for your industry automation project. actually not all codes are suitable for each working circumstance, so it's very important to know the meaning of different codings for selecting the right coding of M12 circular connector.

M12 circular connector

The M 12 connectors are generally used for sensor , actuators , fieldbus and industry ethernet. primarily in factory industry automation application.  and normally with IP rating 65, 68. they have an excellent resistance to vibration and corrosion,

M12 connector family are widely used in automation production line for production plant, measurement and control, communications, food and beverage, transportation , etc.

When it comes to the specific application , the right selection of  pins counts is crucial. for sensor and power applications , usually 3, 4 pins are reuiqred, while for the profinet and ethernet application we usually use 4 and 8 pins . and In fieldbus , Canbus applications. the 4 and 5 pins counts are primarily used. and 12 pins are mostly used for signal transmission.

and also there are several codings exsit in M12 connectors, which are used  for avoiding the incorrect mating on product,

Here are the most common used codings listed out :

  • A-coded for sensors, dc power and 1 Gbit Ethernet

  • B-coded for Profibus

  • C-coded for ac power

  • D-coded for 100 Mbit Ethernet

  • X-coded for 10 Gbit Ethernet

  • S-coded for ac power (will eventually replace C-coded power parts)

  • T-coded for dc power (will eventually replace A-coded power parts)

among the above mentioned codings , the A-code, B-code, D-code and X-code are more applied , Because the A-code , B-code, D-code and X-code have been in the market for long time and the most early used codes in the industry ,X-code is becoming more and more popular for replacing the A-code and D-code in ethernet applications.

So as in conclusion , we have to choose the code type according to the specific application , and the transmission medium ,( power, data or signal).

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