Wind Power Generation

Wind power generation

Increase the conversion rate of wind power to achieve green energy sustainability

Wind energy is a kind of green energy provided to human beings because of air flow work, which belongs to renewable energy. The conversion of wind kinetic energy into electrical energy is wind power generation. The process of converting the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity is called wind power generation. With the development of offshore wind power generation, compared with onshore more challenging.

Beisit products are currently being used in offshore wind power projects, demonstrating the reliability and stability of the products. It is also the main drafting unit of Zhejiang manufacturing group standard for "Cable fixed head for wind power generation". At present, it has cooperated with domestic and foreign mainstream wind power machine enterprises and parts supporting enterprises. The products are mainly used in generators, gear boxes, converters, main control cabinets, transformers, variable pitch and other parts.

Horizontal axis wind turbine

Horizontal axis wind turbines can be divided into two categories: lift type and resistance type. The lift type wind turbine rotates fast and the drag type rotates slowly. For wind power generation, lift type horizontal axis wind turbines are mostly used. Most horizontal axis wind turbines have a counter wind device, which can change the direction of the wind and turn. For small wind turbines, this wind device uses a tail rudder, and for large wind turbines, it uses a transmission mechanism composed of wind direction sensing elements and servo motors.

Vertical axis wind turbine

The vertical axis wind turbine does not need to oppose the wind when the wind direction changes, which is a big advantage over the horizontal axis wind turbine, which not only simplifies the structural design, but also reduces the gyroscopic force of the wind wheel against the wind.

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