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BAYONET TYPE Fluid Connector BT-8

  • Model Number:
  • Connection:
  • Application:
    Pipe Lines Connect
  • Color:
    Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Silver
  • Working Temperature:
  • Alternating humidity and heat:
    240 hours
  • Salt spray test:
    ≥ 168 hours
  • Mating Cycle:
    1000 times of plugging
  • Body material:
    Brass nickel plating, aluminum alloy, stainless steel
  • Sealing material:
    Nitrile, EPDM, fluorosilicone, fluorine-carbon
  • Vibration test:
    GJB360B-2009 method 214
  • Impact test:
    GJB360B-2009 method 213
  • Warranty:
    1 year

(1) Two-way sealing, Switch on/off without leakage. (2) Please select pressure release version to avoid high pressure of the equipment after disconnection. (3) Fush, flat face design is easy to clean and prevents contaminants from entering. (4) Protective covers are provided to prevent contaminants from entering during transportation.

Plug Item No. Plug interface


Total length L1


Interface length L3(mm) Maximum diameter ΦD1(mm) Interface form
BST-BT-8PALER2M14 2M14 63.6 14 27.3 M14X1 external thread
BST-BT-8PALER2M16 2M16 57.7 16 27.3 M16X1 external thread
BST-BT-8PALER2M18 2M18 58.7 17 27.3 M18x1.5 external thread
BST-BT-8PALER2M22 2M22 63.7 22 33.5 M22x1.5 external thread
BST-BT-8PALER2J916 2J916 63.7 14.1 27.3 JIC 9/16-18 external thread
BST-BT-8PALER2J34 2J34 58.4 16.7 27.3 JIC 3/4-16 external thread
BST-BT-8PALER39.5 39.5 71.5 21.5 33.5 Connect 9.5mm inner diameter hose clamp
BST-BT-8PALER52M22 52M22 67 18 27.3 90°+M22x1.5 external thread
BST-BT-8PALER539.5 539.5 67 24 27.3 90°+ 9.5mm inner diameter hose clamp
Plug Item No. Plug interface


Total length L2


Interface length L4(mm) Maximum diameter ΦD2(mm) Interface form
BST-BT-8SALER2M16 2M16 52 15 27.65 M16X1 external thread
BST-BT-8SALER2M22 2M22 55 18 27.65 M22X1 external thread
BST-BT-8SALER2J916 2J916 50 14 27.65 JIC 9/16-18 external thread
BST-BT-8SALER2J34 2J34 52.5 16.5 27.65 JIC 3/4-16 external thread
BST-BT-8SALER42222 42222 41.2 - 27.6 Flange type, threaded hole position 22x22
BST-BT-8SALER42323 42323 41.2 - 27.65 Flange type, threaded hole position 23x23
BST-BT-8SALER6J916 6J916 70.8+plate thickness 14 27.65 JIC 9/16-18 Threading plate
BST-BT-8SALER6J34 6J34 73.3+plate thickness 16.5 27.65 JIC 3/4-16 Threading plate
quick release coupling

Introducing our innovative bayonet fluid connector BT-8, the perfect solution for seamless fluid transfer in a variety of industrial applications. This cutting-edge fluid connector is designed to provide a safe and reliable connection to fluid systems, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. The Bayonet Fluid Connector BT-8 features a unique bayonet locking mechanism for quick and easy installation, making it ideal for applications that require frequent disconnection and reconnection. This innovative design eliminates the need for tools or complex procedures, saving valuable time and effort during maintenance and repairs.

hydraulic quick coupler

BT-8 fluid connectors are constructed from high-quality materials to withstand harsh industrial environments and provide long-lasting durability. Precision-engineered components ensure tight and leak-free connections, minimizing the risk of fluid loss and contamination. This reliability makes the BT-8 an important component in critical systems where safety and performance are critical. Versatility is another key feature of the Bayonet Fluid Connector BT-8, which is compatible with a variety of fluid types, temperatures and pressures. Whether used in hydraulic systems, pneumatic applications or chemical processing, BT-8 fluid connectors provide reliable, efficient connections to meet the needs of different industrial environments.

quick coupler

In addition to functional benefits, the BT-8 fluid connector is designed with user convenience in mind. The intuitive bayonet locking mechanism and ergonomic design make it easy to operate, further improving operational efficiency and reducing the risk of installation errors. At our company, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that help our customers achieve their goals. With the Bayonet Fluid Connector BT-8, we are proud to offer reliable, efficient and convenient fluid transfer solutions that meet the highest quality and performance standards. Learn the difference BT-8 fluid connectors can make in your industrial application.