Product Details Page

M12 Receptacle, Solder Cup, Rear Mounted, A-Code

  • Standard:
    IEC 61076-2-101
  • Mounting thread:
  • Ambient Temp. Range:
  • Mechanical Lifespan:
    ≥100 Mating cycles
  • Protection Class:
    IP67, Only in screwed condition
  • Coupling Nut/screw:
    Brass,Nickel plated
  • Contacts:
    Brass,Gold plated
  • Contacts Carrier:

(1)M series receptacles, with varieties, compact design, flexibility and easy operation. (2) Compatible with similar products of main international brands, according to IEC 61076-2. (3) A variety of materials are available for the housing, which can meet the needs of different application scenarios. (4) The surface of the high-quality copper alloy conductor is gold-plated, which improves the corrosion resistance of the contacts and also meets the needs of high-frequency insertion and removal. (5) Provide customers with customized products for special applications and individual needs.

Pins Available Coding Rated current Voltage AWG mm2 Seal Product model Part .No
3  product description01 4A 250V 22 0.34 FKM M12A03FBRB9SC011 1006010000008
4  product description02 4A 250V 22 0.34 FKM M12A04FBRB9SC011 1006010000022
5  product description03 4A 60V 22 0.34 FKM M12A05FBRB9SC011 1006010000036
8  product description04 2A 30V 24 0.25 FKM M12A08FBRB9SC011 1006010000064
12  product description05 1.5A 30V 26 0.14 FKM M12A12FBRB9SC011 1006010000092
3  product description06 4A 250V 22 0.34 NBR M12A03FBRB9SC001 1006010000206
4  product description07 4A 250V 22 0.34 NBR M12A04FBRB9SC001 1006010000226
5  product description08 4A 60V 22 0.34 NBR M12A05FBRB9SC001 1006010000246
8  product description09 2A 30V 24 0.25 NBR M12A08FBRB9SC001 1006010000266
12  product description10 1.5A 30V 26 0.14 NBR M12A12FBRB9SC001 1006010000286

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