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Metric Type Double Sealing Exd Cable Gland

  • Material:
    Nickel-plated Brass
  • Seal:
    Beisit solo elastomer for Exd cable glands
  • Gasket:
    High Stable PA Material
  • Working Temperature:
  • Certificate Testing Temperature:
  • Design Specification:
  • IECEx Certificate:
    IECEx TUR 20.0079X
  • ATEX Certificate:
    TÜV 20 ATEX 8609X
  • Code of Protection:
  • Standards:
  • CCC Certificate:
  • Conformity Certificate of Ex-proof:
  • Code of Protection:
    Exd ⅡCGb;ExtDA21IP66/68 (10m8h)
  • Standards:
  • Cable Type:
    Non-Armoured & Braided Cable
  • Material Options:
    HPb59-1、H62、304、316、316L can be offered
Thread Cable range H GL Spanner Size Beisit No. Article No.
M16X1.5 3.0-8.0 65 15 24 BST-Exd-DS-M1608BR 10.0102.01601.100-0
M20X1.5 3.0-8.0 65 15 24 BST-Exd-DS-M2008BR 10.0102.02001.100-0
M20X1.5 7.5-12.0 65 15 24 BST-Exd-DS-M2012BR 10.0102.02011.100-0
M20X1.5 8.7-14.0 68 15 27 BST-Exd-DS-M2014BR 10.0102.02021.100-0
M25X1.5 9.0-15.0 84 15 36 BST-Exd-DS-M2515BR 10.0102.02511.100-0
M25X1.5 13.0-20.0 84 15 36 BST-Exd-DS-M2520BR 10.0102.02501.100-0
M32X1.5 19.0-26.5 87 15 43 BST-Exd-DS-M3227BR 10.0102.03201.100-0
M40X1.5 25.0-32.5 90 15 50 BST-Exd-DS-M4033BR 10.0102.04001.100-0
M50X1.5 31.0-38.0 100 15 55 BST-Exd-DS-M5038BR 10.0102.05001.100-0
M50X1.5 36.0-44.0 100 15 60 BST-Exd-DS-M5044BR 10.0102.05011.100-0
M63X1.5 41.5-50.0 103 15 75 BST-Exd-DS-M6350BR 10.0102.06301.100-0
M63X1.5 48.0-55.0 103 15 75 BST-Exd-DS-M6355BR 10.0102.06311.100-0
M75X1.5 54.0-62.0 105 15 90 BST-Exd-DS-M7562BR 10.0102.07501.100-0
M75X1.5 61.0-68.0 105 15 90 BST-Exd-DS-M7568BR 10.0102.07511.100-0
M80X2.0 67.0-73.0 123 24 96 BST-Exd-DS-M8073BR 10.0102.08001.100-0
M90X2.0 66.6-80.0 124 24 108 BST-Exd-DS-M9080BR 10.0102.09001.100-0
M100X2.0 76.0-89.0 140 24 123 BST-Exd-DS-M10089BR 10.0102.10001.100-0
barrier gland

Introducing the revolutionary metric double sealed Exd cable gland - the perfect solution for all your industrial cable management needs. This cable gland is precision engineered to provide the ultimate protection for your cables while ensuring reliable, efficient performance. Metric double seal Exd cable glands are designed to meet the demanding requirements of hazardous environments where safety is critical. With its dual sealing feature, this cable gland ensures a tight and secure seal, preventing the ingress of dust, moisture and other contaminants that can damage the cable. This strong sealing capability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining and chemical industries.

IECEx cable gland

What sets this cable gland apart from others on the market is its innovative design and superior craftsmanship. Made from premium materials, this cable gland guarantees exceptional durability and longevity even in the toughest and most challenging environments. Its corrosion-resistant properties ensure your cables are protected from rust and damage, significantly reducing the risk of downtime and maintenance costs. Metric double-sealed Exd cable glands provide a seamless, hassle-free installation process. Its user-friendly design allows for quick and easy assembly, requiring no special training or expertise. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to cable management, this cable gland is designed to simplify the installation process, saving you valuable time and effort.

ATEX cable gland

In addition to its excellent functional properties, this cable gland complies with international safety standards and regulations. It is certified by reputable organizations, ensuring it meets the most stringent quality and safety requirements. With its reliable performance and compliance with industry standards, you can have complete peace of mind knowing your cable management system is in safe hands. Additionally, this cable gland offers excellent versatility to accommodate a variety of cable sizes and types. It provides a secure, comfortable fit for a variety of cable diameters, keeping your cables securely in place. This flexibility makes it ideal for projects with multiple cables of different sizes, allowing for seamless integration without compromising safety or performance.