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SELF-LOCKING TYPE Fluid Connector SL-12

  • Maximum working pressure:
  • Minimum burst pressure:
  • Flow coefficient:
    4.93 m3 /h
  • Maximum working flow:
    23.55 L/min
  • Maximum leakage in a single insertion or removal:
    0.03 ml
  • Maximum insertion force:
  • Male female type:
    Male head
  • Operating temperature:
    - 20 ~ 200 ℃
  • Mechanical life:
  • Alternating humidity and heat:
  • Salt spray test:
  • Material (shell):
    Stainless steel 316L
  • Material (sealing ring):
    Ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM)

(1) The steel ball locking structure makes the connection extremely strong, suitable for impact and vibration environment. (2)An O-ring on the end faces of the plug and socket connection ensures that the connection surface is always sealed. (3)Unique design, precise structure, minimal volume to ensure large flow and low pressure drop. (4) The internal guide design when the plug and socket are inserted enables the connector to have high mechanical strength, which is suitable for the situation of high mechanical stress.

Plug Item No. Plug interface


Total length L1


Interface length L3(mm) Maximum diameter ΦD1(mm) Interface form
BST-SL-12PALER1G34 1G34 66.8 14 34 G3/4 internal thread
BST-SL-12PALER1G12 1G12 66.8 14 34 G1/2 internal thread
BST-SL-12PALER2G34 2G34 66.8 13 34 G3/4 external thread
BST-SL-12PALER2G12 2G12 66.8 13 34 G1/2 external thread
BST-SL-12PALER2J1116 2J1116 75.7 21.9 34 JIC 1 1/16-12 external thread
BST-SL-12PALER319 319 76.8 23 34 Connect the 19mm inner diameter hose clamp
BST-SL-12PALER6J1116 6J1116 92+Plate thickness(1-5.5) 21.9 34 JIC 1 1/16-12 Threading plate
Plug Item No. Socket interface


Total length L2


Interface length L4(mm) Maximum diameter ΦD2(mm) Interface form
BST-SL-12SALER1G34 1G34 83.1 14 41.6 G3/4 internal thread
BST-SL-12SALER1G12 1G12 83.1 14 41.6 G1/2 internal thread
BST-SL-12SALER2G34 2G34 83.6 14.5 41.6 G3/4 external thread
BST-SL-12SALER2G12 2G12 83.1 14 41.6 G1/2 external thread
BST-SL-12SALER2M26 2M26 85.1 16 41.6 M26X1.5 external thread
BST-SL-12SALER2J1116 2J1116 91 21.9 41.6 JIC 1 1/16-12
BST-SL-12SALER319 319 106 33 41.6 connect the 19mm inner diameter hose clamp
BST-SL-12SALER5319 5319 102.5 31 41.6 90° Angle + 19mm inner diameter hose clamp
BST-SL-12SALER5319 5319 103.8 23 41.6 90° Angle + 19mm inner diameter hose clamp
BST-SL-12SALER52M22 5M22 83.1 12 41.6 90° Angle +M22X1.5 external thread
BST-SL-12SALER52G34 52G34 103.8 14.5 41.6 JIC 1 1/16-12 Threading plate
BST-SL-12SALER6J1116 6J1116 110.2+板厚(1~5.5) 21.9 41.6 JIC 1 1/16-12 Threading plate
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